MOF production

CSIRO has developed and patented a world leading MOFs manufacturing process based on flow chemistry and megasonics.

Flow chemistry is a safe, efficient, cost-effective, scalable and reliable way to produce MOFs in commercially relevant amounts. Its space time yield (STY) rates also offer far superior performance to other processes. CSIRO has its own specialist Centre for Industrial Flow Chemistry, FloWorks.

Megasonics is the use of high frequency ultrasound to separate solid MOF particles from solvent and clogging reagents, increasing the MOF’s already high surface area up to 47% more than conventional methods. It also simplifies downstream processing, is easily scalable and capable of large scale production.

Together, these technologies allow MOFWORX to make kilograms of MOFs per hour at a well-defined cost, meeting the product development and market entry plans of our industry partners.

White buckets containing a blue substance.

7kg of MOFs synthesised by CSIRO’s MOFs team in 1 day. Together the MOFs have a surface area of 14 million square metres. That’s 7 times the area of Monaco in 11 buckets!

Some of our papers with research partners: